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Let JD2’s Help Desk help you!

One of the toughest jobs for Environmental Managers with multiple locations is trying to stay in compliance and resolve daily operation and maintenance issues.  JD2 has a way to help solve some of those problems.

The JD2 Help Desk can answer questions, keep paperwork in order, or even resolve maintenance problems at your locations.  Even if the issue requires only a few moments of time, with the Help Desk, all you pay for is the time actually spent.  The Help Desk is there to provide additional staffing when you need it – all with a pre-negotiated contract and rate.  With one quick phone call or e-mail, you can direct JD2’s experienced personnel to start solving problems.

Here are just a few issues JD2 personnel can resolve

  • Notice of Violation Resolution
  • Monitoring/Leak Detection System Problems
  • Inventory Reconciliation Questions
  • General Maintenance for Fueling and Maintenance Facilities
  • Spill Plan Requirements (i.e., SPCC, stormwater)
  • Tank and Line Test Questions
  • Registration Updates
  • SARA Title III Filings
  • Questions on Environmental Regulations and Interpretations
  • Training – Stage II Vapor Recovery, SPCC, Inventory Reconciliation, etc.

With the continued downsizing of companies, the JD2 Help Desk is a valuable resource you cannot afford to miss out on – it is like adding experienced professionals to your staff without the overhead cost.