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JD2 Environmental, Inc. was originally created in January 2002 by its founders and operating partners, Joyce A. Rizzo, David J. Piercey and Donna Hymes, to pursue the niche market of storage tank management and related services. Over the years, based on client needs, the business expanded well beyond storage tank-related matters providing “One-Stop Shopping” for clients wherever possible.

The three JD2 partners have worked together in various businesses for more than 30 years and each brings unique skills and expertise to the JD2 table in the form of experience in industry, construction, testing, and environmental consulting services. JD2 prides itself on practical cost-effective solutions to environmental problems. The partners provide oversight to each and every project that is managed by JD2.

JD2 is based in West Chester, Pennsylvania but the services provided span the entire country. JD2 has proven that travel and geography does not need to be limiting and does not necessarily mean higher cost.

JD2 principals have authored two (2) books, “Underground Storage Tank Management, 5th Edition,” and “Aboveground Storage Tank Management and SPCC Guide, 2nd Edition,” for ABS Consulting Group, Inc. These books serve as the basis for courses that are taught to Fortune 500 Companies and government agencies all over the country.


Personnel Qualifications

The staff at JD2 consists of engineers, scientists, and technicians who, together with the principals provide a wealth of knowledge in the area of storage tank management, compliance assessments, expert testimony and remediation.

JD2 personnel have collectively performed more than 7,000 compliance audits for petroleum, commercial, and industrial clients. This work has broadened our knowledge-base as to compliant and non-compliant operations and installations.

New employees are extensively trained.  All employees are 40-hour OSHA trained with annual 8-hour refreshers.  New employees are also paired with an experienced person in the company for several weeks prior to conducting field operations on their own.  Prior to allowing a recent employee to perform field projects on their own, an evaluation is made by senior staff as to the difficulty of the assignment, as well as the demonstrated aptitude and level of confidence of the employee.

JD2 personnel hold certifications in several states requiring specific levels of education and training to conduct work on storage tanks, for property assessments and remediation.

JD2 is currently providing turn-key construction management services, including design, project management, inspection, compliance assessment and maintenance programs for several nationwide clients.


Take a look at the experience of the JD2 Principals and see the depth of knowledge for yourself:

  • Joyce A. Rizzo
  • David J. Piercey
  • Donna Hymes