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Joyce A. Rizzo

Fields of Competence

  • Storage Tank Management
  • Expert Testimony and Consultation
  • Risk and Liability Assessment


  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1971
    • Northeastern University
  • Certificate, Executive Management Development Program, 1981
    • Northeastern University

Professional History

At JD2, Ms. Rizzo provides technical expertise in storage tank management, design, installation, closure and remediation, as well as property transfer assessment programs, expert testimony and consultation.  She has conducted numerous seminars for ABS Consulting, Inc. and Aarcher Institute on underground and aboveground storage tanks; Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC); real estate transactions; Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey state laws and regulations; and, RCRA regulations. More recently, she chairs the two-day storage tanks and SPCC courses for EPA Alliance Training Group and conducts audio conferences on storage tanks and SPCC plans for Progressive Business Conferences.  In addition, she has participated in numerous seminars and symposiums for various associations in both the U.S. and Europe.

Prior to the formation of JD2 in January 2002. Ms. Rizzo was the President and Chief Executive Officer at Lexicon Environmental Associates, Inc. for twelve years.  Prior to Lexicon Environmental, Ms. Rizzo was a Vice President of the former Hart Environmental Management Corporation and responsible for numerous liability assessment and compliance audit programs, as well as Manager of Storage Tank Programs.  Prior experience included President and Chief Executive Officer of ERM-Tankonomics, an environmental engineering consulting and construction business specializing in storage tank technology and tank leak detection.  She has also worked for well-known companies, such as Sun Refining and Marketing Company and the former Hunter Environmental Services, Inc.  Ms. Rizzo participated in establishing the ERM-Tanknomics, Hunter Environmental Services, Inc., Lexicon Environmental Associates, Inc., and JD2 Environmental, Inc. businesses.

Experience Summary

Ms. Rizzo has more than 45 years proficiency in all aspects of environmental engineering and management. This includes twelve years of petroleum refining and retail marketing (service station, terminal and bulk plant) experience for storage tanks, wastewater treatment, air pollution control, groundwater studies, hazardous waste management and remedial investigations, as well as development of a storage tank testing business. She has participated on committees and as a technical consultant to numerous federal, state and local regulatory agencies and trade associations.

Storage Tank Management
Ms. Rizzo has served as project director for storage tank management programs for many petroleum, manufacturing and commercial operations. This includes worldwide surveys and risk assessments for hundreds of tank facilities and a 1,300+ tank pharmaceutical company, as well as management of a state-wide compliance program for more than 450 petroleum retail facilities for a major oil company.

Her work as project director has extended into more than 300 tank closure and new tank installations, often individually, projects of more than $500,000 in financial scope.  Ms. Rizzo was also responsible for more than 25,000 Precision Tank tests.

Ms. Rizzo served as project director for the Pilot Program for a USEPA national survey of underground storage tanks.

Compliance Management
Ms. Rizzo has developed and implemented many Compliance Manuals on varying levels for company-wide use by both corporate management and at local facilities.  These manuals address the “How to” for compliance with environmental, safety and health issues including practices and procedures for compliance.

Ms. Rizzo has served as project director for more than 150 property transfer site assessments including commercial, industrial and housing sites.  Of these assessments, more than 50% included hydrogeological and remedial investigations.

She was also project director for the environmental assessment for a major oil company’s acquisition of 90 service station properties.  The five-week long assessment included site visits, soil-gas surveys, and well installations.

Ms. Rizzo was project director for an international environmental audit program for a major pharmaceutical firm.  The audit encompassed more than 60 audits in 20 countries.

Expert Testimony
Ms. Rizzo has extensive experience in providing background consulting, depositions and expert court testimony on many areas of environmental management, primarily related to storage tanks and including product liability.  She has been qualified as an expert on the many aspects of tank management practices utilized by storage tank owners and operators, as well as the hazards associated with leakage of petroleum products into the subsurface.

Air and Water Pollution Control
Ms. Rizzo developed and managed the air pollution source audit for a 55,000 barrel per day petrochemical refinery in addition to designing and implementing a technical training program for refinery personnel.  In retail petroleum marketing, she designed and installed vapor recovery units for service stations and terminals.  In her early years, she was a certified stack sampler.

She has managed the process control operation for a 2.5 mgd biological wastewater treatment plant.  Ms. Rizzo has assisted in pilot studies for wastewater and solid waste disposal and treatment techniques for a 180,000 BPD refinery.

Professional Affiliations/Development

  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Technical Committee on Tank Leakage and Repair Safeguards (Former Chair and 28 year Member)
  • Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI)
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
  • Government Institutes Distinguished Instructor


  • Underground Storage Tank Management: A Practical Guide, 5th Edition, ABS Consulting Group, 1998, Editor and Principal Author
  • Aboveground Storage Tank Management and SPCC Guide, 2nd Edition, ABS Consulting Group, 2001, Editor and Principal Author
  • Numerous articles and publications on storage tank management, property transfer assessments and the regulatory aspects of environmental management, including:
    • What are the chief concerns of underground storage tank owners as they head toward the crucial 1998 compliance deadline? (Environment Today Magazine)
    • Dealing with Two Critical UST Situations: Checking for Tank Leaks and Closing Tanks Economically (Petroleum Marketing Management Magazine)
    • It’s Not Optional: Inspection and Maintenance of USTs (Environmental Technology Magazine)



  • SPCC and Stormwater Compliance Workshop – Chairperson and Principal Speaker – Three Day Course – Ongoing
  • Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Management Workshop
    Chairperson and Principal Speaker – Two day Course – Ongoing


  • Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks:  Smart Management and Engineering Applications
    Chairperson and Principal Speaker – Two day course (Conducted through 2012)
    • Regulations and Standards for Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks
    • Energy Bill 2005
    • Inventory Reconciliation
    • SPCC Requirements>
    • Used oil, Hazardous Substances and Hazardous Wastes
  • SPCC Plans Made Easy (Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures)
    Chairperson and Principal Speaker – Two day course
  • RCRA Regulations
    Subtitle I and C Regulatory Programs
  • Real Estate and Property Transactions
    Pricing environmental liabilities and remedial actions
  • Pennsylvania and New Jersey Environmental Law
    Storage Tank Laws and Regulations
  • Environmental Assessments of Real Estate: A Practical Approach for Compliance and Self-Protection


  • Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks:  Compliance for the Future
    Chairperson and Principal Speaker – Two day course (Conducted through 2012)
    • Regulations and Standards for Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks
    • Energy Bill 2005
    • Inventory Reconciliation
    • SPCC Requirements
    • Used oil, Hazardous Substances and Hazardous Wastes


  • SPCC Rule Changes: What EPA Requires in 2009 (Current Version)
    Audio conference conducted twice per year
  • UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS: Guidelines to Keep Your Facility USEPA Compliant 
    Audio conference


  • Environmental Due Diligence
    Remedial cost development and estimating for two day program


  • International Petroleum Seminar, Dunstable, England
    The USA Experience – Tank Management and Remediation

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Vapor Recovery Unit Performance Testing Analyzer and Methods, 4,392,870, July 12, 1983