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Storage Tank Management

If you store petroleum or hazardous substances in tanks, JD2 wrote the books!

Anyone who stores petroleum, hazardous substances, or wastes in storage tanks is affected by the federal regulatory program for underground tanks, as well as a complexity of state and local regulations that have resulted.

JD2 can inventory, characterize, prioritize, and assess the risk of your storage tanks, and help you make economically sound decisions about the best way to proceed for compliance.

The JD2 team includes individuals with a wealth of knowledge in the areas of storage tank management, subsurface investigation and site remediation, as well as environmental assessment and compliance services.

JD2 principals have authored two (2) books, “Underground Storage Tank Management, 5th Edition,” and “Aboveground Storage Tank Management and SPCC Guide, 2nd Edition,” for ABS Consulting Group, Inc.  These books serve as the basis for training courses that are taught to Fortune 500 Companies and government agencies all over the country.

With certified UST and AST inspectors, JD2 can provide state-mandated inspection services, as well as site inspection and design engineering through to construction.  Storage tank issues frequently lead to the requirement for a comprehensive Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan.  JD2 “wrote the book” on SPCC Plans and can provide certified plans and full implementation of all SPCC requirements.

JD2 is currently providing turn-key construction management services, including design, project management, inspection, and maintenance programs for several nationwide clients with various types of storage tank facilities. 

Based on this vast experience and wealth of knowledge, JD2 provides extensive expert consultation and testimony services, in addition to the following types of engineering services:

Design and Engineering

  • Compliance Programs for Underground Tanks
  • Compliance Audits
  • Assessment/Inspection Programs
  • Third-Party State Certified Inspections
  • Operations and Maintenance Programs

Operator Training

  • Compliance with Energy Bill
  • Company-Specific Programs
  • Operations Equipment Training
  • Regulatory Training

Tank Database

  • Data Collection
  • Database Design
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Inspection and Maintenance

  • API 653 AST Inspections
  • Pennsylvania AST inspections

Compliance Manuals

  • Company and Site-Specific
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Operations Field Manuals
  • Regulatory Interpretation Manuals

Subsurface Investigation

  • Soil/Groundwater Investigation
  • Remedial System Design
  • Operations and Maintenance

SPCC Plan Development and Training

Compliance Programs for Aboveground Tanks

 Turn-key Construction Management